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Tennis prediction 4.2.2022: Ymer – Gasquet

In the match starting at 20:30 UTC+02:00, there is interesting matchup between Mikael Ymer and Richard Gasquet.

Mikael Ymer is standing at (83.) in the World Ranking. Swedish Ymer won Corentin Moutet (89.) on the first round at Montpellier ATP by straight sets 2-0. Second round Ymer upset Gael Monfils (16.) also by straight sets 2-0. Young Mikael Ymer is playing the tournament of his life but there is still one big mountain to climb and that is home crowd favorite Richard Gasquet.

35-years old Richard Gasquet has not given his everything

Richard Gasquet is standing at (75.) in the World Ranking. Gasquet won Ugo Humbert (40.) on the first round by 2-1 sets. Second round Gasquet won Kwon soonwoo (55.) by sets 2-0. Home crowd favorite Gasquet will go far on this tournament and unfortunately young Mikael Ymer’s tournament will end today.

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Tennis betting tips 4.2.2022

Match: Ymer – Gasquet
Selection: Gasquet
Odds: 2.30

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