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NHL Predictions 31.12.2021: Tampa Bay Lightining – NY Rangers

In the match starting at 02:00 Finnish time, Tampa Bay Lightning, who is absent, and the NY Rangers will face each other.

Tampa Bay Lightning is currently at the top of the Eastern Conference, with the team scoring a total of 46 points in 32 matches. The team’s goal ratio is a positive 196: 93, but yesterday’s match against the Florida Panthers certainly left small scars on the team. The Panthers took the match to a score of 9-3 and Vasilevsky’s absence from the posts vaccinated Tampa Bay even more than expected. Absences are still a problem in the game for the coming night, so Rangers has a chance to surprise.

The absences of Tampa bay Lightning are still significantly affected

The NY Rangers are currently in sixth place in the Eastern Conference, with the team scoring a total of 42 points in 31 matches. The team’s goal ratio is positive 89:81. The team also lost after their first match break to the Florida Panthers, but a little more humanly, reading 4-3. The Rangers line-up will be able to challenge just under Tampa Bay Lightning and it will be the first game idea of the new year.

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KHL betting tips 29.12.2021

Match: Tampa Bay Lightning – NY Rangers
Selection: NY Rangers ML (incl. OT)
Odds: 2.35

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