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NHL prediction 18.2.2022: Seattle Kraken – Chicago Blackhawks

In the match starting at 00:00 UTC+02:00, there is interesting matchup between Seattle Kraken and Chicago Blackhawks.

Hometeam Seattle Kraken is standing at fifteenth (15.) in the Western Conference, with the team scoring a total of 24 points in 37 played matches. The team’s goal ratio is negative 99:136. Seattle Kraken has lost nine games in a row and thing aren’t looking so good. Teams had played one match against each other in 2021 and Blackhawks were better by 4-2.

Seattle Kraken is swimming in deep waters

Chicago Blackhawks is currently on the fourteenth place (14.) in the Western Conference, with team scoring a total of 35 points in 38 played matches. The team’s goal ratio is negative 93:123. Chicago Blackhawks had rough 2021 but thing are looking to bright up eventually. The team is now in four game winning streak and looking for more.

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NHL betting tips 18.1.2022

Match: Seattle Kraken – Chicago Blackhawks
Selection: Chicago Blackhawks
Odds: 2.45

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