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NHL prediction 1.2.2022: Ottawa Senators – Edmonton Oilers

In the match starting at 02:30 UTC+02:00, there is interesting matchup between Ottawa Senators and Edmonton Oilers.

Hometeam Ottawa Senators is standing at fifteenth (15.) in the Eastern Conference, with the team scoring a total of 30 points in 38 played matches. The team’s goal ratio is negative 106:130. Senators have been struggling through the whole season. The team has won only two out of last seven matches and the same theme will continue.

Oilers are looking for more wins with Evander Kane

Edmonton Oilers is currently on the eleventh place (1.) in the Western Conference, with team scoring a total of 46 points in 40 played matches. The team’s goal ratio is positive 135:132. Oilers have less played matches on their division and they will climb up to TOP 8 teams on close future. Oilers added Kane to their roster and things are looking to bright up.

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NHL betting tips 1.2.2022

Match: Ottawa Senators – Edmonton Oilers
Selection: Edmonton Oilers
Odds: 1.85

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