Nordicsbc crew betting tips

Crew only betting tip 6.1.22 @5.4 🤔

We will keep publishing crew only picks on website, if we find something super cool to bet!

Today we will pick up a little weird selection with high risk, but we have many combos to pick and find value in many situations.

Juventus – Napoli

We will be picking up Napoli today with small bet.

Lets take a look to analysis first.

As we see from analysis, odds over 5.30 will be good picks in long run with 18.81% probabilities.

possible choices to bet

first option with small bet amount is straight win for Napoli @5.40

Another good and pretty safe selections on that match will be

X2 With odds 2.28

And most safe pick up Napoli +1,25 @ 1.53.

I dont like to say ”100% sure bet”, but napoli +1.25 is almost something like that.

We are going to pick up straight win for napoli with low bet!

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