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Nordicsbc.com is sport betting based website where you can find free sport predictions and betting tips. We also publish value bets calculated by our calculator.

By joining nordicsbc.com crew for 4.99$/year you will get access to bettors live chat where you can discuss about daily betting selections etc.

You will also get access to our crew only betting tips. These betting tips is high risk high value bets with analysis.

We take small yearly fee to a) Make sure our members is 18 years old and b) keep chat clean, nobody wants trolls in it, right?

12 years experience of sport betting

Our team has over 12 years experience with sport betting. As everyone, so we have started bottom with intuition bets. 2015 we started to work out value bet calculator and kept publishing tips. After small break we re-designed our website and made it bigger and better than ever!

Follow our daily betting tips!

Join nordicsbc crew and get access to betting chat where you can discuss with other users about daily betting selections and live betting.

You will also get access to crew only betting tips where you can find big value odds weekly.

Absolutely no!

We will keep publishing free betting tips daily which you might pick on your own betting slip. With own responsibility ofcourse.

We use SSL on our website and all payments will be handled by 3rd trusted payment gates.

We don’t save any payment details on our own databases or complete payments on our server!

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